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Our What

ADDICTION'S ANSWER: We believe every person struggling with alcohol or drug dependency should have access to the resources they need to overcome their addiction successfully. Our mission is to connect these individuals to a Christian recovery center with a successful track record. 


We assist in finding the right fit for long-term care, provide financial assistance for admission, and help with the admission process. Our goal is to see each person all the way through, from addiction to freedom and into a life full of living. 

In addition, we come alongside select street ministries in Kensington, Philadelphia, providing workers with food, clothing, and other needs. In doing this regularly, we are building relationships with those who are trapped in addiction on the streets of Philly. Our goal is to help these individuals with each step of the process, from the streets to freedom. 

We offer training before serving in Kensington and welcome groups and individuals along this journey of helping those suffering. 


Our Why

"I have never met a strong person with an easy past." That saying describes so many people who struggle with addiction.


At Addiction's Answer, we do not see addiction as a deficit but rather as an opportunity to watch some people with a difficult past turn into a person of strength.


As our own son struggled with addiction and the crushing effects of all that is involved, we began to understand way more about God's great love for the person struggling and how He hasn't given up on them. 

We watched as time after time, 13 different programs in all, our son felt like he failed at recovery. Struggle was an understatement, and he truly needed long-term care. When finally, after our insurance couldn't help, and our finances were strained, God reached down and saved our son from certain death. He went to a 15-month Christian program that helped heal him from the inside out. 

Witnessing firsthand the recovery and healing of so many who entered these long-term programs, we have been compelled, out of gratitude to God, to assist anyone who wants help out of addiction. 

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